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Chartered Associate Programme

Chartered Associateship is recognised by employers, colleagues and customers worldwide as a mark of professional distinction, demonstrating the highest level of ability and knowledge.

About the qualification

The London Institute of Banking & Finance’s Professional Qualifications Framework provides clear pathways for career development and professional recognition through to Chartered status.

Chartered Associateship is designed for those in, or aspiring to, senior roles within retail and consumer banking and business, commercial and corporate banking. Professionals at this level will be able to make informed decisions based on an understanding of the external environment and the different risks that banking and finance organisations face. As such, candidates are required to take the Level 6 Professionalism, Conduct & Ethics qualification as part of the programme.


To achieve the Chartered Associateship you need to hold the Professional Diploma in Banking & Finance and complete the Professionalism, Conduct & Ethics (6PCE) programme plus further components up to a total minimum of 75 credits at Level 6.

Candidates will also need to demonstrate three years relevant industry experience.

The components are structured into a Retail & Consumer Banking Stream and a Business, Commercial & Corporate Banking Stream but any component can be taken with the credits being recognised towards the required total.

Retail & Consumer Banking

Business, Commercial & Corporate Banking

Module - Strategic Management in Financial Services*

The strategic management concept and skills of financial service organisations through reference to case studies and a comprehensive analysis of the relevant issues, both theoretical and practical. Specifically it focuses on the relationship between the external and internal context of a financial services organisation and their combined impact on strategy development, choice, appraisal and evaluation.

View the Module Specification

Qualification - Digital Retail Banking†

Under development

Module - Corporate Lending*

Builds upon the core understanding of bank lending techniques and develops these into the mid-cap market, with typical corporate revenues of £50-250m. The underlying analysis will increasingly move away from accounting fundamentals and into the shareholder value arena. This will deepen understanding of corporate business models and allow appropriate reflection upon, and evaluation of, such models.

View the Module Specification

Module - Advanced Work-Based Learning*

Enhances subject-specific, generic and employability skills through an continual process of use and reflection. It provides the opportunity to reflect upon learning and gain relevant practical experience by applying this in the workplace, particularly in relation to strategic issues and their impact upon the business environment.

View the Module Specification

Module - Risk Management in Banking*

Builds upon previous knowledge of risk by critically evaluating the risk management process within a contemporary banking context. The content takes a very practical approach, developing a strong underpinning and an inquisitive approach to risk management. A wide range of data and real life case studies are used to help demonstrate practical issues and considerations for a modern banking industry.

View the Module Specification

*Under a transition phase, Higher Education (HE) modules are available to study with the credits counting towards the credit requirement at the relevant stage (Professional and Expert). The module credits are validated within the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ). A schedule of qualification development is underway to validate these HE modules as qualifications in their own right.

†This qualification is under development.

Transferring from an HE award

If you are already studying with us on a Higher Education (HE) award we will have written to you with information about the new Professional Qualifications Framework and the option to transfer. If you wish to transfer from your HE award to the new Professional Qualifications Framework, we will ask you to complete a transfer application form and sign a declaration. We will also need to speak to you about your application to ensure that you make the right study decision.

Please contact our Student and Customer Services team via email or on +44 (0)12 2781 8609 if you wish to transfer to the Professional Qualifications Framework.


Looking for further information


For registration and other enquiries please contact Student and Customer Services on +44 (0)12 2781 8609.